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Richard Wyatt_edited.jpg

Richard Wyatt
Global Partner Rothschild & Co. 
Chairman, The Trampery and Temple Bar Investment Trust Plc

"I have always found Felix to be a source of original and interesting thinking on business problems, and a charismatic and entertaining deliverer of that advice."


Kelly Alexander
Founder & MD
Anchusa Care Ltd

"If there is such a thing as a ‘Business therapist’, Felix is it.  He has proved a breath of fresh air as a Special Advisor at Anchusa Care Ltd.  Being the sole owner of a company with over one hundred employees, it is easy to miss the incredible value to be gained by another mind to bounce off.  Felix has brought two qualities that have transformed my decision-making:  The first is constantly getting me to challenge my plans to get to the ‘solution beyond the solution’.  To have someone there who turns a “No” into “Yes” is worth its weight in gold.  The second quality is the confidence he inspires.  Challenges can pile up and problems can queue at the door, but Felix has always put fire in my belly to tackle them all.  I would strongly recommend him to anybody looking for a discreet, supportive but frank thought partner."

Barnaby Moffat.jpeg

Barnaby Moffat
Sales Director

"Felix is an agitator, a disruptor and holds us to account.

Felix has worked as a Special Advisor with KPS for over ten years during which period we have grown considerably, become the leaders in our field, sold the company, worked through an earn-out and integrated into a new German parent company.  In that time we have appreciated his very different, very creative, but always pragmatic way of approaching business problems and opportunities.  We have always been alive to the dangers of groupthink, of the need to be forward-looking and our weekly meetings with Felix have intentionally taken us out of our comfort zones.

There have, of course, been downs along with the ups during the lifetime of our business, and Felix has always provided wise counsel during these periods as well.  I would recommend him unreservedly."


Alexander Stevenson
Founder of Blume, Co-Founder RSe Consulting, Author, Investor

Tony Askew_edited.jpg

Tony Askew
Founder Partner
REV Venture Partners

"Felix is energising, a unique lateral thinker and adds value.  He is well worth meeting."

"I turn to Felix for advice, fun and energy – and a different way of looking at the world.  He quickly grasps what’s going on, turns it on its head and typically gives tough advice in a way which somehow makes you feel positive and ready to conquer all - even in the trickiest of circumstances.  He is extraordinary and combines this with a spine-stiffening sense of decency which is very grounding."

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