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Special Advisor

"Humour is by far the most significant phenomenon in the human mind."  

Edward De Bono

What I Am

I have worked in the City, launched and sold a start-up, sat on the Global Executive of a NASDAQ-listed company, turned companies around, acted as a Special Advisor to C-level execs for over a decade and, during a brief spell in copper mining in Zambia, had two meetings with President Banda to (successfully) negotiate a mining licence.  This makes me an expert in precisely nothing - but it does, I hope, show that I understand the realities of business.

I Am What I Am

I used to be funny.  I was a comedy writer, briefly a stand-up, the writer on the Zoe Ball Radio 1 Breakfast Show, then I had two thrillers published with Penguin.  This makes me an expert in precisely nothing - but it does, I hope, show that I have a creative mind and a creative outlook.

What I Am To You

A reality of too many organisations - commercial or otherwise - is that leaders often manage them rather than lead them.  Too often I find myself in conversation with leaders who, exhausted by events, are more occupied with survival than growth.  Too many leaders are growing their companies incrementally, cautiously - playing not to lose.  And yet breakthroughs in every field of life come from thinking creatively, imagining leaps and taking them.  That is my challenge to leaders:  to think bigger and bolder - to play to win.  My job is to help them do that. 

What You Are To Me

Clients have called me a creative disruptor, somebody who holds them to account, but they would also all say this - and I know this is a very odd dimension to highlight:  Everybody I work with says that I make them feel more confident, happier, even.  One client recently said, “Why don't you write a book called, ‘You’ve Got This’?” 

It's lonely at the top and I truly believe leaders deserve to be happy.  It is transformative both for them and their companies.  In short, I am here to lift your thinking and, when necessary, your spirits.

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