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My Approach


I work with brilliant people doing brilliant things - but they're also human.  I take my clients from a 'playing not to lose' mindset to a 'playing to win' mindset.  I do this in three steps - agitation, imagination and motivation: 

  1. Agitation.  I ask the difficult questions that take my clients out of their comfort zone, to break through the thinking they find themselves stuck in.

  2. Imagination.  Then we put every idea on the table with a boundary-pushing brainstorm that arrives at bigger and bolder decisions.

  3. Motivation.  Finally, if needed, I give my clients the confidence required - the shot in the arm - to go and execute on their new plans.


I have worked in the City, launched and sold a start-up, sat on the Global Executive of an NYSE-listed brokerage, turned companies around, acted as a business strategist, coach and motivator to C-level execs for over a decade and, during a brief spell in copper mining in Zambia, had two meetings with President Banda to (successfully) negotiate a mining licence.  I understand the realities of business.

Also...  I used to be funny.  I was a comedy writer, briefly a stand-up, the writer on the Zoe Ball Radio 1 Breakfast Show, then, much later, had two thrillers published with Penguin.  I have a creative mind and a creative outlook.

I have been a regular contributor to Bloomberg News, CNBC EuropeBBC Radio 5 Live, as well as heading up City roadshows and giving countless speeches over my lifetime.  I have strong communication skills.


Too often I find myself in conversation with leaders who, exhausted by events, are more occupied with survival than growth.  Too many leaders are growing their companies incrementally, cautiously - playing not to lose.  And yet breakthroughs in every field of life come from thinking creatively, imagining leaps and taking them.  That is my challenge to leaders:  to think bigger and bolder - to play to win.  My job is to help them do that. 

Clients have called me a creative disruptor, somebody who holds them to account, but they would also all say this - and I know this is a very odd dimension to highlight:  Everybody I work with says that I make them feel more confident, happier, even.  One client recently said, “Why don't you write a book called, ‘You’ve Got This’?” 

It's incredibly hard to run a business all by yourself and it's definitely lonely at the top.  I truly believe leaders deserve to be happy.  It is transformative both for them and their companies.  In short, I am here to lift your thinking and, when necessary, your spirits.

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