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Company Talks & Workshops


Talks At Your Companies

I am happy to give talks on any subject I have genuine expertise in.  My current talk - Play To Win:  How To Think Bigger In Business (And In Life) - is about optimising and elevating people's business thinking.  This impacts creative strategizing, but also broader business planning.

I also talk on various aspects of Leadership, How To Grow A Company, How To Find Your Purpose and more.



In my talks I always share practical ideas that can be applied in business every day.  In addition to the talks, I give workshops on the day or as follow ups, where I teach these strategies in more depth and apply them to challenges - and opportunities - facing my client's company.

Please ask me for more details if this would be of interest to you.



There is no magic bullet for upskilling.  As much as I leave very clear ideas and strategies from my talks, sometimes an ongoing programme to see the changes implemented and fully adopted is requested.

I am happy to talk about this on a case by case basis, where I would craft a programme specific to your organisation.

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