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Why A Business Strategist?


Felix Riley:  Business Strategist & Speaker

I help scale up companies and organisations.  I help underperforming companies become outperforming ones.  I do this by changing how people think - teaching them to think bigger, to zoom out to see the bigger picture, then to zero back in on what really matters. 


I do this through talks and workshops and, occasionally, as an ongoing Business Strategist.  

My approach has generated millions of pounds in growth for my clients.  It's hard running companies and organisations.  Leaders need and deserve support.  That's where I come in. 

CEO's and company founders need to be able to think away from the daily noise and demands of their operations, but they also need that thinking sense-checked, challenged - and supported.  I became a Business Strategist to be the person I wish I had had in my life when I was running my businesses.

Call me if you want to think bigger in business or in life.

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